Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kedaulatan Rakyat

Kedaulatan Rakyat
@ Mangkubumi Street

Kedaulatan Rakyat is one of old newspaper in Indonesia. It has been published since 27 September 1945. "Kedaulatan rakyat" newspaper has a motto "Migunaging Tumraping Liyan (javanese language) " which the meaning is useful for the others. These newspaper founded by H. Samawi and Soemadi Matono Wonohito.

First published, the newspaper has many pages are only 16 sheets. Then developed into 24 pages, and oplahnya rose to more than 125,000 copies. The newspaper published in the Japanese colonial period. Newspaper circulation is blocked by the party also had the colonizers. The colonists feared the news that it presented later will affect the people to oppose the invaders.

Kedaulatan Rakyat was the second newspaper that get treated like that. Previously there was a Java-language newspaper that was also "banned" by the Japanese. Instead, the Japanese occupiers publish a newspaper that "over them". Japan's creation was named "Koran Sinar Matahari". In line with the identity of the Japanese state itself, the State sun rises.

Coverage and content, of course, all in favor of the Japanese invaders. Parties colonizers tried to brainwash the natives through the preaching-preaching.

However, thanks to the tenacity and desire of the founder, this newspaper was eventually able to re-published. By the name of "Kedaulatan rakyat". Name of the "Kedaulatan Rakyat"" itself is said to be taken from one stanza contained in the Indonesia Constitution '45.
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